Smartkey Honda Fit For All Honda Vehicles

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Smartkey Honda, also known as the Honda key, is a type of intelligent lock that is fitted on high-end Honda scooters. Car protection is comprehensive.

Giá bán: 3,500,000 đ


Price Products  

1. Standard version of genuine Honda V3.0 Price: 3,500,000 VND / 1 set of warranty 12 months  

2. Version V3.0 Anti-Robbery Price 3,800,000 vnd / 1 year warranty  

3. The anti-robber upgrade kit for Honda cars available smartkey honda is 1.500.000 vnd / 1 set.


What is Honda Smartkey?

- Smartkey Honda is a type of intelligent lock equipped with high-end Honda scooters, with the Honda key, which will completely replace the use of traditional mechanical keys. comprehensive protection of the car.

How safe and convenient Honda Smartkey is? - The system uses intelligent car remote control just hold the remote control on the car to close the knob and start the car normally, when the car only need to turn knob to the position OFF from the car is automatically locked, extremely convenient. Because of the use of locks, it is absolutely avoidable to use a car lock

- Honda smartkey system is very convenient and safe but only equipped in some high-end models such as Honda Sh, Honda PCX .... so other models use motor key to upgrade key smartkey honda today to protect the car safely

How can the Smarkey Honda be used and installed?

- Minh-T anti-theft lock company provides and install Smartkey Honda PRO complete the keep 100% for all Honda vehicles such as Honda Shvn, Honda Shi Italy, Honda PCX, Honda Arbitade generations, Honda Vision Honda Vario, Honda Click, Honda Lead, Honda Shmode, Honda Winner, Honda Spacy, Honda Future ... and other Honda vehicles.

- Full version: standard version and anti-robber version

- Exclusive smartkey honda imported from Thailan to upgrade such as 100% car without wires, wires

- Original Honda products

- Get shipped worldwide via paypal paypal


Connect smartkey with car according to the car's life so absolutely no need to wiring, wiring like other places




What's new in Smartkey Honda V3.0?

- 1 point is limited Smartkey Honda standard is not equipped with anti-robbery features, and Minh-T Company has overcome this point with the upgrade wing remote identification system new car V3.0 Equipped with anti-robbery features

With Honda Smart-T key version 3.0 is extremely convenient and safe.

1. Anti-theft vehicle:

- Just put the remote on the car to climb up the smartkey knob and start the car normally without having to press the remote or any other operation. This is a very convenient upgrade point compared to the traditional version is to press the remote

- When you stop the car just turn the Smartkey to Off and leave the car 2m, immediately the device will click or lock mode You do not need to press the remote.
2. Car anti-theft feature:

- When the car is running. You click or mode only 1 key on the remote, hold the remote 2m away from the car, after 15 seconds the device will turn on the alarm and turn off the car, at this time the band can not restart the car, here is a great anti-robbery features that version Smartkey Honda 3.0 of Minh-T Company has upgraded

3. Alarm features:

- When leaving the car in the desert You can use the remote to turn on the alarm at this time anyone who has the intention to drive You go, steal your car parts like a piggy bank wins .... The whistle The alarm will be heard for everyone around

4. Find a car in the yard

- If you go to an immense car park and you are displaced from the original position, finding a car will make you spend a lot of time and effort now things are different. You just press a button on the remote immediately 4 shinhan will light up while the whistle will exclaim 2 hours to help you locate quickly.

This is a special upgrade that is fully equipped with all the latest features, the safest and most convenient to use, the absolute protection of the lock with homemade vam, the universal because you do not need. use the key

- Remote water resistance so the rain, car wash will not be limited

- Install for all vehicles

- Product warranty up to 12 months

Some images of the car upgraded to a smartkey honda lock at the company's anti-tails Minh-T

 Honda PCX




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